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Once the store launches a campaign, then every customer will see a post-purchase widget (example below) on the “Thank You” page after placing their order. This widget is the starting point of the FarOut social-sharing platform, which encourages every customer to share a post on their social media about the store; in exchange for a discount. That means every typical customer has the chance to become a micro/nano influencer and promote the store’s services. 

FarOut has been designed to make the process of posting as simple and quick as possible for customers. Here is the step-by-step customer journey in a nutshell:

1. Customer shares their social-media profile name with FarOut.

2. Customer picks a photo, rates the store and writes a comment (optional).

3. FarOut generates a ready-to-share post that includes the selected photo and customer’s comment along with Promo Code and hashtags.

4. Customer shares the generated ready-to-share post on their social media. 

5. FarOut verifies the customer’s post and activates the Promo Code if the customer keeps it for at least 24 hours. 

6. Customer and their friends can redeem the promo code at the store. The Promo Code is activated as long as the customer shares the post, regardless of whether their friends make a new purchase or not.

Customer journey with more details 

1. Post-purchase widget on the store’s Thank You page:

In the first page (as shown above), the customer can see the promising discount by the store. For example, in the widget above, the store discount is 20% off on all products. Customers can start the journey by clicking on “Let’s start”. If you want to keep the link behind “Let’s start” and do the process later, you can copy the link by clicking on “Copy the link”. 

2. Customer’s social media information

FarOut requires the customer’s social media in order to be able monitoring the customer’s page and verify their posting. Once we verify the posting, the Promo Code will be activated and the customer and their friends can redeem it at the store. 

So, in the second page (as shown below), customers are asked for their favorite social media platform and your username. 

Please note that FarOut can only access your information like a typical follower/user (e.g., number of posts, number of likes, comments, etc.); nothing more.

3. Add a photo and comment:

In the third page, customers are asked to (1) add a photo, (2) Rate and write an authentic review (optional).

1. Add a photo: Customers should choose a photo about the store. The photo can be anything like the store’s product, a selfie with the product, etc. In case the customer does not have a ready photo in hand, they can leave the default photo that has already been selected by the store. However, we highly recommend choosing your own photo because it increases the post engagement rate and as a consequence, more reward points.

2. Rate and write an authentic comment (optional): Simply rate and leave an authentic comment. Writing comments is optional. Customers should write an authentic comment because their reward is INDEPENDENT their rating number and their comment. They will get rewarded as long as they post on social media and follow FarOut posting rules They only should avoid any offensive words.

In the next section, FarOut will automatically generate a ready-to-share post that includes the selected photo, rating and comment in this section. 

4. Preview and save the ready-to-share post on your library.

The fourth and last section includes two subsections:

1. Preview the ready-to-share post: The post is automatically saved on your library once you press the “Go to social-media name” button”. No action is required by the customer for this subsection. 

The post includes: 

(a) Customer’s rating, comment, and photo that were selected in the previous section. 

(b) A text that includes customer’s Promo Code, the store’s hashtags, and social-media pages.

2. Copy and paste the store hashtags and business page: Customers should copy the store hashtags and social media pages; and paste them below the ready-to-share post on their social media.

3. Click on “Go to social-media” button: By clicking on “Go to social-media” button, the post is first saved on the customer’s library and then they are redirected to their selected social-media platforms (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). 

5. Share the post on your social media

Now, the customer is on their favorite social media. The customer should simply share a post on the story or news feed like a normal posting. Customer needs to import the saved ready-to-share photo, paste the copied text, and share the post. The post should be up at least for 24 hours in order to have the Promo Code activated.

6. After sharing the post

Once the post is shared, FarOut monitors the customers’ post using advanced AI algorithms. The post should meet the following criteria to be accepted by FarOut:

(a) Photo and comment should be matched with the generated ready-to-share post by more than 90% (pixel-by-pixel comparison). Applying effects is fine.

(b) No offensive word should be detected. 

(c) Post should be up for at least 24 hours. 

If the post is verified, FarOut will activate the Promo Code and automatically integrate it with the business online store. Then, the customer and their followers can simply redeem the activated Promo Code on their next purchase. Customer’s is notified about their activated Promo Code if their email address is available.

What’s next?

If you have any feedback or question or need us to add more features, please leave a comment below or contact us. If you haven’t tried our product yet, you can give it a shot as we offer a one-month free trial.

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