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You can manage everything about your campaigns in the Campaign page from the FarOut left menu. In this post, I will show you how to create, pause, and delete your campaigns. 

Before starting, here are the general rules about creating campaigns that you should keep in your mind:

(a) Unlimited campaigns: You can create an unlimited number of campaigns; but, only one campaign can be live and active at a time. That is because we don’t want to show your customers two different types of settings and make them confused. 

(b) One live campaign at a time: If you launch a new campaign or resume an inactive campaign, the current live campaign will be inactive.

Create a new campaign

Everything at FarOut starts by creating and launching a campaign. You can start creating a new campaign from the Campaign page, by clicking on Create a new campaign on the top right corner.

Create A new Campaign

Next, you are redirected to the Campaign setup wizard, which includes the following four simple steps.

  • Campaign Type: Do you want to collect and showcase photo-reviews, asking customers to refer your products on social media, or both?

  • Reward: How  much reward are you willing to give away to customers in exchange of writing a review and/or sharing a post on their social media?

  • Settings: How would you like to show your referral and review widgets? What about email subject line, body, and timing?

  • Launch now or later: Even if you create a campaign, you have the chance to wait and launch it later. By clicking on Launch Later, your campaign is created but won’t go live and won’t be shown to your customers. 

Learn more about each of the above steps and how to go live in less than 2 minutes. 

Once you create the campaign, it’s shown in the Campaigns page. For each campaign, you can apply the following actions: Resume/Pause, Delete, and Edit (coming soon). 

Pause/resume a campaign 

Pause: At any time, you can pause any of your campaigns. For doing so, click on the “Pause” button next to your campaign; then FarOut will stop any interaction with your customers. This includes stop showing the referral widget to your customers and stop sending review request emails. 

Note that the review widget on your product pages won’t go away. Also, all past data and settings of your campaign is kept in case you want to resume the campaign.

Pause campaign

Resume: At any time, you can resume any of your campaigns to be live again. For doing so, click on the “Pause” button next to your campaign. Any active campaign becomes paused immediately while your resumed campaign goes live. Depending on the type and settings of the resumed campaign, FarOut will then show the referral widgets and send over review request emails again for the resumed campaign.

Resume a campaign

Delete a campaign

While we highly recommend you to keep your campaigns, you have the option to delete your campaign. You can keep all the campaigns and pause any of them in case you don’t want to have it live. 

For deleting a campaign, click on the “Delete” button next to your campaign. Remember that, by deleting a campaign, all analytics information about that campaign will be gone and not recoverable. We recommend deleting a campaign only when you create a TEST campaign and it has been live just for a short time.

Delete A Campaign

What’s next?

If you have any feedback or question or need us to add more features, please leave a comment below or contact us. If you haven’t tried our product yet, you can give it a shot and take the advantage of our free plan.

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