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Grow your business by maximizing the power of word-of-mouth and social proof

Collect photo reviews and ask customers for referrals on social media

1. Ask customers for reviews with a photo. Collect and display them anywhere on the store website. 

2. In addition to (1), generate a ready-to-share photo based on their photo reviews so that customers can simply refer your products by posting such a custom photo on their choice of social media networks. 

FarOut social-media referral solution?


Your customers are encouraged to share on social media and win

Your customer picks a photo, rate and review about your store. FarOut generates a ready-to-share photo that includes a non-active promo code as well.  

Your customer shares the ready-to-share photo on social media. Once their story/post get a certain number of likes or views (e.g., 10), they can upload the screenshot of their story/post in a link emailed to them. 

FarOut automatically verifies their post and activate their Promo Code. Then, the customer and their followers can simply redeem the activated Promo Code on their next purchase.

FarOut key benefits?

Increase your sales

By retaining your current customers and attracting new customers  through referrals.


Collect photo reviews

Display your happy customers’ photo reviews on the store’s website and social media pages.

Brand awareness on social media

Imagine, how your products will spread like a wildfire across social media networks through your customers’ referrals.


Access to your top-peforming customers

Get access to your top-performing customers based on the number of referrals and engagement rate. Then, partner with them for professional works like content and influencer marketings. 

Trackable and clear ROI

Set up discounts by yourself and monitor your referral sales


FarOut insights on digital marketing

What is FarOut?

What is FarOut?

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